This event is available from September 11, 2017.

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Registrants : 18148

2,000 Registrants

500 Gold

5,000 Registrants

1,500 Gold
10,000 Aura Restoration x20

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2,000 Gold
Speed Up (30min) x10

20,000 Registrants

2,500 Gold
1h ATK VS Monster 50% UP x5

30,000 Registrants

3,500 Gold
10,000 Aura Restoration x30
Speed Up (30min) x30
Legendary Sword Balmung x1

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[How to Play]

1. Move the character by tapping or clicking on the arrow button on the screen.

2. Encounter the monsters to attack.

3. Slay monsters to find rare resources.

4. Find enough resources to level up and reach level 10.


An unrivaled Hero who paves the way for her master with her holy sword and spear.

Sweet and serious, she's incredibly loyal and talented, but also has her fair share of silly moments.

◆ Hero Ability: Knight's Resolve
▼ Hero Movement Speed 17.5%
▼ ATK VS Monster 35%


A zealous Hero who is loyal to the King.

Although his enthusiasm often leads to conflicts with others, he has the composure to calmly deliberate on issues until an agreement is reached.

◆ Hero Ability: Dragon's Wrath
▼ Hero Movement Speed 17.5%
▼ ATK VS Monster 35%

Taira no Masakado

A serene Hero who is always seen with a smile.

A kind and caring person, he is often misunderstood as someone who keeps others at a distance.

◆ Hero Ability: Everlasting Melody
▼ Hero Movement Speed 17.5%
▼ ATK VS Monster 35%


A sexy Hero who charms both men and women alike.

Fond of using her fists and axes to solve problems, she also has a cute side that is caring and shy.

◆ Hero Ability: Monster Boar's Redemption
▼ Hero Movement Speed 17.5%
▼ ATK VS Monster 35%

Joan of Arc

A young Hero known as the Savior of the Hundred Years War. 

A good supporter to the King and allies, she practices divination and never lets failures or setbacks snuff out her smile.

◆ Hero Ability: Heaven's Mercy
▼ Hero Movement Speed 17.5%
▼ ATK VS Monster 35%

Cu Chulainn

A Hero who desires strength as much as he fears it.

He treats everyone with kindness and is often enthralled by the exhilaration he receives from his battles. These two sides are entirely separate.

◆ Hero Ability: Geis's Trial
▼ Hero Movement Speed 17.5%
▼ ATK VS Monster 35%

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Taira no Masakado
Joan of Arc
Cu Chulainn